Hawaiian Collectibles & Antiques

TROPICAL ART: Hale Pua, Frank Oda, Eugene Savage, McIntosh, John Kelly, Leeteg, Allen Akina, Guy Buffet, Margaret Fleming, Tip Freman, Howard Hitchcock, Makihana

FLOWERS: Hibiscus, Bird of Paradise, Shell Ginger, Red Ginger, Cup of Gold, Monstera, Night Blooming Cerus, Croton, Anthurium, Plumeria, Hawaiian Quilt

HULA LAMPS: Mechanical, Animated, Lighted, Dancing, Hula Girl

POTTERY: Frank Schirman, Beswick, Santa Anita, Vernon Kilns, Tepco, Wallace, Shenango, Tuscan, Fiesta, Homer Laughlin, Lynn Krantz, Dresden, Wedgwood, Staffordshire, W W Dimond, Julene, Josef, Hedi Schoop, Don Blanding, Hilo, Leilani, Hawaiian Coral, Coral Reef, Honolulu, Windfield, Woodrose, Bamboo, Dorothy Okumoto, Trader Vics 

STERLING: H Culman, Gorham, CM Robbins, Watson-Newell, Whiting, Paye and Baker, JT Inman, Shreve, Dawkins-Benny, Wall and Dougherty, Joseph Mayer, Shephard Mfg, Towle, Tiffany

JEWELRY: Mings, Gumps, Cini, Grossman Moody, Detor, Floy Mercer, HF Wichman, Baray, Jade, Gugliermo, Royal Hawaiian, Monarchy Crest, Island Curios, Coat of Arms

PERFUME BOTTLES: Hula-Lei, Gumps, John Y Oya, Koa, Milo, Sandalwood, Monkeypod

GLASS BOTTLES: Soda, Whiskey, Jim Beam, Milk, Okolehau, Suntory

KOA WOOD: Ukuleles, Calabash, Lamps, Dishes, Plaque, Trophies

SURFING: Surfboard, Magazines, Photos, Duke Kahanamoku

TIKIS: Tumblers, Glasses, Bar, Figurine, Menehune, MaiTai, Don Ho, Trader Vics 

EPHEMERA: Postcards, Menus, Sheet Music, Pictures, Black/White Photos, Hand tinted Photo, Maps, Book, Recipes, Luaus, Calendars, Brochures 

MUSIC: Sheet Music, Ukuleles, Records, LP's, 33's, 78, 45, Cylinders

Hawaii's  Monarchs & Music

2004 Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade
Designed and built by: Manny K Fernandez & Bettyjean Fernandez
Many of these treasures are in our private collection
and change frequently.

Song playing is "The Hawaiian in Me" performed by Manny K. Fernandez

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